Dra. Cristina Domingo Gomez

Born in Tarragona,  1948

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Barcelona

Licensed in Acupuncture by Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi, Barcelona (1984) and by Dr. Radha Thambirajah(1988).

Licensed in Acupuncture and Moxibustion by the International Acupuncture Exam Center of Beijing during the XXV Exam Edition, held in Barcelona (1994)   

Director of the Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the Teaching Campus of Sant Joan de Deu Hospital and of the Master’s in Energy Assessment and Acupuncture at the Post Graduate School of the University of Barcelona (2004-)

Physician Acupuncturist at the Integral Health Cooperative in Barcelona (1993-)

Physician Acupuncturist in the ACNAL Program and the Pediatric Institute of the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona

President of the Complementary Treatments Section of the Medical Society of Barcelona (Dec. 2022 -)   

Board Member of the NGO Acupuncture for the World.


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La feina d’Acupuntura per al món
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i a l´Índia, comença a tenir
ressonància mediàtica.

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