Dr. M Betina Nishishinya Aquino

Born in Argentina.

Rheumatologist and sports medicine physician.

Trained in basic acupuncture at the Argentine Acupuncture Society (1995-96). Master’s in Acupuncture at the University of Barcelona (2015-18)

Advanced training with Philippe Sionneau (2018-19).

Participation in the following societies:

. Physician Acupuncturists of the Medical Society of Barcelona (2014-2019).

. Scientific Society of Acupuncture of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands (SCACB) (2015-)

. Complementary Treatments Section of the Medical Society of Barcelona (2019-)

.NGO Acupuncture for the World (APM) of the International Acupuncture Sans Frontieres (A.S.F.i)  (2018-)


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La feina d’Acupuntura per al món
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