This 2022 we have done

Since January, visits to the two care centers for the homeless have resumed. To María Luis de Marillac dedicated to men and Llar de Pau dedicated to women.

The ASFI meeting has been held, telematics due to Covid. And annual credentials are renewed.

Due to the restructuring of the Bathalapalli Anantapur Hospital, the missions in Anantapur with the Vicenç Ferrer Foundation have had to be suspended until further notice.



Entrevista a Isabel Giralt sobre la nostra feina a l' associació


Entrevista a "Para todos la 2"

La feina d’Acupuntura per al món
que fa amb el 4t Món de Barcelona
i a l´Índia, comença a tenir
ressonància mediàtica.

Veure entrevista a "Para todos La 2"


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8è Concert, maig 2019