What is the NGO “Acupuncture for the World”?

Acupuncture for the World is an independent, non-profit organization that carries out basic acupuncture training projects in developing countries.

This training is directed towards physicians, nurses and health-care practioners wherever their services are required. Acupuncture for the World is the Spanish branch of Acupuncture without Borders (A.S.F.i, Acupuncture sans Frontières Internacional).

Acupuncture without Borders (A.W.B.), is a Swiss organization founded in 1992, made up of associations from several European countries (Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain ) and which coordinates acupuncture training missions in developing countries or those facing economic problems.

Acupuncture for the World consists of a group of accredited acupuncture professionals from various cities in Spain: enthusiastic physicians, nurses and physiotherapists with training experience who have time frames they can dedicate to projects.

What can “Acupuncture for the World” do?

Modern medicine is, of course, essential for the treatment of many diseases and available in developing countries. However, the cost and the difficulties in obtaining medication contribute to the search for an efficient substitute. The knowledge of acupuncture allows for better health management. It provides a therapeutic tool that complements existing treatments, either conventional or traditional.

Thus, acupuncture can not only save money on pharmacological prescriptions but also reduce expenses and earmark them to products deemed essential.

A.S.F.i. statistics show that nearly 60% of Primary Care Clinic patients could be treated efficiently with acupuncture (these figures do not include small surgical instruments and poultices).

Our organization, Acupuncture for the World, together with A.S.F.i., is willing to collaborate and promote an exchange of knowledge with any organism which pursues similar goals. The benefits of supplementing various health care treatments are well-documented.



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